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Tantárgy adatlap

Customer Relationship Management

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A tantárgy kódja: 293NMARK673M
A tantárgy megnevezése (magyarul): Customer Relationship Management
A tantárgy neve (angolul): Customer Relationship Management
A tanóra száma (Előadás + szeminárium + gyakorlat + egyéb): 2+2
Kreditérték: 6
A tantárgy meghirdetésének gyakorisága: őszi félév
Az oktatás nyelve: angol
Előtanulmányi kötelezettségek: marketing, statistics
A tantárgy típusa: Marketing MSc
Tantárgyfelelős tanszék: Angol Nyelvű Oktatási Központ (ISP) Tanszék
A tantárgyfelelős neve: Agárdi Irma

A tantárgy szakmai tartalma: Customer relationship management (CRM) applications have gained a substantial territory to support sales and marketing activity of the companies. The course aims to give a comprehensive view on the business processes and performance consequences of CRM.

Évközi tanulmányi követelmények: The course is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Practical exercises include case studies, class discussions, and computer lab exercise. Important part of the course is the group project where students should conduct customer life-time value analysis related to a business case. Based on their results, they shall develop marketing programs considering also the business consequences. Finally, guest lecturers will provide practical insights into CRM applications.

Vizsgakövetelmény: The course is closed by a written case study exam at end of the term.

Az értékelés módszere: The assessment of the course performance consists of class participation; case studies handed in, group project papers are individual, (10-page) project works are group exercises. The final exam will be a work, and a final exam. Class participation is evaluated in terms of attendance (10%) and contribution (10%). Only 2 classes can be missed without deduction of points. Students missing 50% of the classes are closed down with zero credit. Students have to deliver two types of written work: (3-4 page) case study case study exam.

20% class participation
30 % case studies (10% each)
30 % project work (20% written report, 10% presentation)
20% final exam

Tananyag leírása: The course covers several domains of CRM. First, the core concept of CRM is introduced and compared to traditional marketing approach. Large emphasis is laid on the specific marketing approach in CRM (customer acquisition, retention, churn, add-on selling). Customer life-time value analysis and related marketing activities, such as CRM campaigns will be discussed. Task related to CRM planning and system integration are discussed through business cases and by quest speakers from telecommunication, banking, retail, and IT industry. The course closes with studying performance consequences of CRM and special (B2B, non-profit) applications.

Órarendi beosztás: Week 1
Introduction to the course and concept of CRM.
The ACE Grocery’s Dilemma.

Week 2
The role of CRM systems in the corporate strategy.
Harrah’s DVD case.

Week 3
Customer identification, databases.
Marketing applications of databases

Week 4
The data mining and model building process.
Example of a data mining project.

Week 5
Customer metrics, Customer Lifetime Value Exercise.
Buford Electronics CLV Exercise

Week 6
Marketing strategy in CRM. Customer Acquisition.
Internet Customer Acquisition at Bankinter. Case discussion.*

Week 7
Marketing strategy in CRM: Customer Retention and Churn.
HubSpot: Lower Churn through Greater CHI. Case discussion*

Week 8
Marketing strategy in CRM: Add-on selling
The Global Source Healthcare: Allocating Sales Resources. Case discussion.*

Week 9
Marketing strategy in CRM: Loyalty Programs.
Analysis of loyalty schemes.

Week 10
Management of CRM Campaigns.
Planning CRM campaigns.

Week 11
Sales Force Automation.
Project work consultation.

Week 12
Managing Marketing Channels.
IT Solutions and Project Management in CRM.

Week 13
Measuring the Performance of CRM Strategy.
Calculating ROI of a CRM project.

Week 14
Project work presentations

Kompetencia leírása: The course has a purpose to connect marketing management and analytical skills of the students. Completing the course, students will be able to analyze complex business problems related to customer value and management of customer relationships, creating marketing and sales decisions based on CLV analysis and case study discussions, and measure the performance effects of their decisions.

Félévközi ellenőrzések: -

A hallgató egyéni munkával megoldandó feladatai: Students have to solve 3 case studies individually and hand in a 3-4 page assignment of each case study. Case study papers should be turned in at the beginning of the case discussion.

Szak neve: Marketing MSc

Kötelező irodalom:

  • Kumar, V., Reinartz, W. [2012]: Customer Relationship Management. Concept, strategy, and tools. 2nd ed. Springer, Berlin

Ajánlott irodalom:

  • Blattberg, R.C., Getz, G., Thomas, J.S. [2001]: Customer Equity. Building and Managing Relationships as Valuable Assets. Harvard Business School Press
  • Articles related to the underlying topics on the Moodle site of the course.
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