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Tantárgy adatlap

Business Data Analysis

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A tantárgy kódja: 2EB34NAK03B
A tantárgy megnevezése (magyarul): Business Data Analysis
A tantárgy neve (angolul): Business Data Analysis
A tanóra száma (Előadás + szeminárium + gyakorlat + egyéb): 
Kreditérték: 6
A tantárgy meghirdetésének gyakorisága: Őszi félév
Az oktatás nyelve: angol
Előtanulmányi kötelezettségek: ---
A tantárgy típusa: kötelező
Tantárgyfelelős tanszék: Infokommunikációs Tanszék
A tantárgyfelelős neve: Dr. Fodor Szabina Eszter

A tantárgy szakmai tartalma: This course provides an introduction to Information Technology, and shows the ways of becoming a more efficient and up-to-date computer user. Students will also develop an understanding of how to present their ideas more effectively.

The course program:
• Data sources
• Gathering and storing data
• Basic applications – digitalization
• Business data analysis -ERP
• Operational models of information systems
• Data Security and Privacy in business information systems
• Business Data Analysis in Decision Support
• Examples of Business Data Analysis

Évközi tanulmányi követelmények: 


Az értékelés módszere: Grades are earned by the students based on their class participation, their achievements in the final exam and their assessments of the seminar activity.

If the student completed at least one of the course takes either in full or in part, the subject can only be closed with a grade.

Grades are not negotiable. Any attempt at negotiation may potentially result in official disciplinary action!
The overall course grade will be given based on the scores of quick quizzes, the home assignment, the written assessments (Excel and Theoretical).

15 points quizzes (9*2.5, the best six count)
15 points home assignments
40 points written assessment (Excel)
30 points written assessment (Theoretical)
Together 100 points

On written assessment (Excel) you have to achieve more than 50% (at least 21 points out of 40). Less than 16 points will result in an automatic “F” (fail) grade. On written assessment (Theoretical) you have to achieve at least 50% (at least 15 points out of 30). Less than 15 points will result in an automatic “F” (fail) grade.

Tananyag leírása: The aim of the course is to provide an overview of the business and technical aspects of the computing, telecommunication and business data processing and analysis.

Órarendi beosztás: Theoretical Classes – Lecture
1st week: Data sources
• Enterprise
• Financial institution
• Government
• Sports
• Science
• Social networks

2nd week: VIDEO Introduction

3rd week: Data visualization

4th week: VIDEO Enterprise information systems
Integrated Information Systems

5th week: Basic applications – digitalization
• Enterprise Information Systems
• Integrated information Systems
o HR
o Finance
o MM
• Communication (Internet, email, VOIP, IM, Social Networks, Intranet, VPN, Extranet)

6th week: VIDEO CRM, HR, MM, FI

7th week: Operational models
• On premises
• Outsourcing
• X as a service – cloud computing
• Comparison of operational models

8th week: VIDEO Operational models

9th week: Data Security and Privacy
• Vulnerabilities of the information systems
• Privacy concept and compliance

10th week: VIDEO Data Security and Privacy

11th week: Business Data Analysis
• Decision Support Systems
• Big Data
o Structured databases
o Not fully structured data
o Handling unstructured data
o Visualization of the results

12th week: VIDEO Decision Support Systems, Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Analysis

13th week: Examples of Business Data Analysis
• Future market etc. trends
• Risk level to be managed
• What do the customers want?
• What is the public opinion on a specific issue?
• Future trends in IT
o IoT
o smart solutions

14th week: Final exam

Practical Classes – Computer Lab
1st week: Spreadsheet–1: Fundaments of managing data
Concept of spreadsheet technology,
Worksheet operations, creating a workbook,
Types of operators used in excel,
Addressing methods

2nd week: Spreadsheet –2: Charts, Types of charts, Creating a chart.
Text, date and time functions

3rd week: Spreadsheet –3: Conditional formatting

4th week: Spreadsheet –4: Look up data by using functions,
Getting specific information about a cell

5th week: Spreadsheet –5: Manage your data
Sort, filter data, use database functions

6th week: Spreadsheet –6: Analyze information,
Create pivot table, What-if analysis.

7th week: Spreadsheet – 7: Data visualization

8th week: Spreadsheet – 8: Putting it all together (create a company proposal)

9th week: Written assessment (Excel)

10th week: Graphical presentation with PowerPoint

11th week: Spreadsheet – 9: Excel macros I

12th week: Spreadsheet – 10: Excel macros II

13th week: Home assignment presentation, Summary

Kompetencia leírása: On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

• Appreciate the importance of computing in the modern economy
• Describe the computing and telecommunication infrastructure
• Explain the role of technology and information systems in an organization.
• Define the main ideas of information technology and discuss the importance of data analysis
• Analyze business processes with the intent to gain competitive advantage
• Apply principles and key methods used in business data analysis and decision support systems
• Explain the concept of Big Data and the role of Big Data in contemporary decision making
• Explain the role of different types of information system vulnerabilities, security and data protection measures
• Utilize techniques and tools of future internet, IoS
• Discuss examples of up-to-date data analysis

Félévközi ellenőrzések: 

A hallgató egyéni munkával megoldandó feladatai: Home assignment
Students will be required to complete home assignment during the semester. The aim of the assignment is to create a presentation. The students will work in groups. They will get points for the visual creativity of the presentation, the diction and the elaboration of the topic. The team members will get equal points.

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