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Tantárgy adatlap

International Marketing

Tantárgy adatlap letöltése: Letöltés

A tantárgy kódja: 432_4320VTE
A tantárgy megnevezése (magyarul): International Marketing
A tantárgy neve (angolul): International Marketing
A tanóra száma (Előadás + szeminárium + gyakorlat + egyéb): Two 90 minute classes per week = 43.5 hours per semester
Kreditérték: 6
A tantárgy meghirdetésének gyakorisága: Fall
Az oktatás nyelve: English
Előtanulmányi kötelezettségek: Marketing
A tantárgy típusa: elective
Tantárgyfelelős tanszék: Marketingkutatás és Fogyasztói Magatartás Tanszék
A tantárgyfelelős neve: Kelemen Zita Anikó

A tantárgy szakmai tartalma: In the course the students will learn to assess a global market with respect to: cultural dynamics, business customs and practices, legal-political environment, geography, marketing mix. The course will cover the international marketing of industrial products and business services as well. Creation of international competitive advantages in different areas (logistics, finances, global production and R&D) is subject of analysis. International business strategy is approached from a market entry mode perspective including the assessment of various organizational varieties beginning with the exporting company up to the strategic alliances. In contrast with the U.S. approach of the textbook the lectures will emphasize European (including Central and Eastern European) problems and specificities.

Évközi tanulmányi követelmények: Midterm exam
The instructor has the right to give an N grade (no grade received) for those whose absences exceed 25% of the total number of classes held in the semester. Exams have to be passed (min. 60%) to complete the course!

Vizsgakövetelmény: The course will be a mixture of lectures and seminars. Besides the compulsory reading the students are encouraged to use their personal experiences to add to the class discussions.

For this course there will be 2 final exam opportunities provided..

Az értékelés módszere: 10% class discussion participation
10% presentation on market analysis
15% presentation of int. marketing plan
30% mid-term exam
35% final exam

Papers and examinations will be graded on a total points basis, i.e.; 90% or above of the total possible points will be an A, 80% or above a B, 70% or above a C and so on.
The marketing plan will be graded on organization, completeness, grammar, punctuation, neatness, and overall readability. One other aspect to be evaluated is that of the student’s ability to analyze the data that is accumulated.

Tananyag leírása: Within the framework of the course participants get acquainted with the basic international theories and with the concepts oft international markets and market entry. After the completion of the course a student should be able to understand the scope and challenge of international marketing and understand strategic planning and its application to international marketing

Órarendi beosztás: 

Kompetencia leírása: A student after finishing the course should be able to:
 understand the role of cultural differences in intercultural communication and marketing strategies
 develop cultural understanding and tolerance
 prepare a comprehensive analysis of the business environment of a country
 evaluate companies’ international marketing activity
 design companies’ marketing activities in foreign markets
 design an international marketing plan
 develop decision-making and analytical skills through the use of real cases and exercises
 develop skills on how to work effectively as part of a team, and build a cooperative atmosphere among team members while analyzing and presenting group projects.

Félévközi ellenőrzések: 

A hallgató egyéni munkával megoldandó feladatai:  There are several case studies to be read. Many companies consider case analyses skills valuable. There is no point of discussion and learning if you do not read the cases.
Students will have 2 home assignments in groups. The project should cover the introduction of a chosen NON-developed country and the international marketing plan of a product (not service) that is launched in that country. NO B2B sector!! A presentation of 20 min should be prepared based on the given guidelines Moodle.. There is no written report required, but you have to upload a copy of your presentation on Moodle, and give a one-page executive summary printed for the instructor at the time of the presentation.

Szak neve: 

Kötelező irodalom:

  • Keegan-Green: Global Marketing, Pearson Ed., 2017 , 9th ed.
  • Case studies and materials distributed by the instructor

Ajánlott irodalom:

  • M. Kotabe, K. Helsen: Global Marketing Management, 5th ed. Wiley & Sons, 2011
Ajánlott irodalmak:
Kötelező irodalmak:
Keegan-Green: Global Marketing, Pearson Ed., 2017 , 9th ed.
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Farkas Tibor

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