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Subject data sheet

Advanced Corporate Finance

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Code: 293NFINK564M
Name: Advanced Corporate Finance
Number of hours per semester: 
Credits: 6
Fall/Spring: Spring
Language: English
Prerequisites: Basic corporate finance
Course type: 
Department: Befektetések és Vállalati Pénzügy Tanszék
A Course leader: Szűcs Balázs Árpád

Course description: During the course we put a great emphasis on discussing practical corporate finance issues and case studies. The main topics will be: making investment and financing decisions; strategic consequences of real options; fusions, mergers and acquisitions; short-term and long-term financial planning; analyzing and hedging financial risk; financial analysis; cost of capital; basic asset pricing methods; debt, special financing forms; private equity; stock exchange.

Topics to be discussed
Present value, growing annuity, future value of annuity
Financial statements
Capital structure, dividend policy
Bankruptcy games
Real Options
Corporate financial risk management
Mergers and acquisitions
Private equity
Short-term financial planning, liquidity
Long-term financial planning
Stock exchange
Planning and performance evaluation in practice

Assessment, grading: 10 % for short questions at the beginning of each seminar
10 % for group homework
80 % written exam

There is no midterm exam.

The outcome of any academic dishonesty or plagiarism is failing the course.

International grading scale

Percentage achieved International grade
97-100 A+
94-96 A
90-93 A-
87-89 B+
84-86 B
80-83 B-
77-79 C+
74-76 C
70-73 C-
67-69 D+
64-66 D
60-63 D-
0-59 F

Aims and objectives and description of the course: To understand the most important concepts of corporate finance using simple examples and case studies.

Time of class: 

Learning outcomes: • To be able to make advanced present value calculations related to pensions, loans, deposits etc.
• To understand the financial statements and apply them to fusions.
• To understand the strategic consequences of real options.
• To understand how one can finance a corporation.
• To work in teams on homework assignements.

Assignments: 1) Short questions at the beginning of each seminar (individually)
2) Group home assignments (approximately by week 5 and week 12), at most 3 students in one group, everybody gets the same points.
3) Written exam

Compulsory readings:

  • Brealey-Myers: Principles of corporate finance (at least 7th edition), McGraw-Hill.

Recommended readings:

Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


Dr. Juhász Péter, Szűcs Balázs Árpád

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Course codeTypeSemesterInstructors
MM1_BIS1_G1Gyakorlat2018/19/2Dr. Juhász Péter, Szűcs Balázs Árpád
MM1_BIS1_EElmélet2018/19/2Szűcs Balázs Árpád, Dr. Juhász Péter
MM1_BIS1_G2Gyakorlat2018/19/2Szűcs Balázs Árpád, Dr. Juhász Péter

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