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Subject data sheet

Enviromental Management

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Code: 293NMANK479B
Name: Enviromental Management
Number of hours per semester: 43.5 hours
Credits: 3/6
Fall/Spring: Spring
Language: English
Prerequisites: None
Course type: Core
Department: Angol Nyelvű Oktatási Központ (ISP) Tanszék
A Course leader: Dr. Csutora Mária

Course description: Class material firstly concerns topics of sustainability, environmental policy and environmental trends. Later, we discuss corporate environmental strategy options and drivers. An overview of the most commonly used environmental management tools available to support the chosen strategy is also given. These include environmental marketing, product life cycle analysis, and environmental management systems. We illustrate how emphasis is continually shifting from the use of corrective measures (such as end-of-pipe technologies) toward preventive approaches like cleaner production and environmental management systems that may also enhance productivity and thus corporate competitiveness.

Assessment, grading: Midterm exam: 25%
Final exam: 40%
Assignments: 25%
Class participation: 10% (5% attendance, 5% participation)

One re-take of the final exam is permitted the week after the original final exam is taken.

Written and oral presentation assignments involve analysis of an industry/company from an environmental perspective and are to be completed in small groups (approximately 4 persons). The written assignment should be approximately 20 pages in length, and individuals will be graded on their own contributions to the final document submitted.

Students may miss a maximum 25% of scheduled classes.
On having missed 25% of scheduled classes, students may be liable to receive an “F”, “1” or an “N” grade. Attendance in lectures and seminars will be recorded at intervals.

Aims and objectives and description of the course: The course is planned for students who, while not specialists in environmental issues, would like to receive insight into causes of environmental problems and the possible corrective actions that can be taken at company level.
To start, topics of sustainability, environmental policy and instruments of environmental economics will be explained. We indicate how environmental policy is needed to correct market distortions caused by externalities, and corporate profitability and long term survival is also influenced by this policy.
Environmental strategies can support business strategy and competitiveness provided they are properly chosen. We analyze the environmental strategy options of firms and selection of environmental tools that exist in the corporate toolbox, together with the circumstances that influence the correct choice among strategies and tools. The "greenest" is not necessarily the best for all kinds of companies.

Time of class: See ISP Course Schedule at http://uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=16721

Learning outcomes: Students will:
• Gain a broad understanding of environmental issues that affect businesses
• Understand concepts such as Sustainable Development and it’s relation to the corporate sector
• Be able to identify and analyses the drivers behind the choice of corporate environmental strategy
• Be able to define the application, benefits and drawbacks of the most commonly-used corporate environmental tools
• Be better positioned to critically analyze corporate behavior in relation to the environment

Assignments: 1) Oral Presentation (small group project - approximately 4 people). Deadline: Ongoing.
2) Written report (small group project - approximately 4 people), based on material researched for oral presentation. Deadline: Week 13.

Assignments will be graded by course instructor using the criteria of: 1) Content; 2) Relevance; 3) Presentation.

Compulsory readings:

  • S. Schaltegger, R. Burritt, H. Petersen: “An Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management”, Greenleaf Publishing, 2003

Recommended readings:

  • Additional reading assignments will be detailed in class
Compulsory readings:
Additional reading assignments will be detailed in class
Recommended readings:
S. Schaltegger, R. Burritt, H. Petersen: ``An Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management``, Greenleaf Publishing, 2003


Dr. Harangozó Gábor, Dr. Csutora Mária

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Course codeTypeSemesterInstructors
BM2_G2Gyakorlat2018/19/2Dr. Harangozó Gábor
BM2_EElmélet2018/19/2Dr. Harangozó Gábor, Dr. Csutora Mária
BM2_G1Gyakorlat2018/19/2Dr. Harangozó Gábor
BM2_G3Gyakorlat2018/19/2Dr. Harangozó Gábor

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