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Subject data sheet

Corporate Finance

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Code: 2BE52NBK01B
Name: Corporate Finance
Number of hours per semester: 43.5 hours per semester
Credits: 5/5
Fall/Spring: Fall
Language: English
Prerequisites: Microeconomics (4MI25NAK09B), Statistics I. (4ST14NAK08B)
Course type: core
Department: Befektetések és Vállalati Pénzügy Tanszék
A Course leader: Dr. Váradi Kata

Course description: This course offers an introduction to the basics of corporate finance. Not only do we cover time value of money, valuation of bonds and stocks, different risk-return models but also the main theories explaining the financing and dividend policy of the firm. We pay special attention to the evaluation of different investment opportunities and the calculation of the cash flow.

Assessment, grading: The participation at seminars is compulsory. Missing more than two of them will make the student fail the class automatically.

Grades will be given according to the following pattern:
Mid term exam 50%
Final Exam 50%

Both exams are 70 minutes, closed-book test. Composition: 20-40 percent on theory, true-false and open ended questions. 60-80 percent calculations, problem solving. Solutions will be accepted only with exact demonstrations and comments on how you derived your results.

Aims and objectives and description of the course: This course offers an introduction in Corporate Finance by not only covering theoretical issues but also presenting simple numerical examples and links to real life processes. We also build up the financial model of a firm focusing on shareholder value creation.

Time of class: Lecture: Wednesday 13.10-14.30 Room E332
Seminar: Wednesday 14.50-16.10 Room E330 & C426

Learning outcomes: • Understanding the time value of money
• Getting familiar with the basic financial calculus
• Being able to present the main theories of corporate finance
• Understanding the link between risk and return
• Valuing bond and shares
• Calculating NPV, IRR, PI
• Cash flow calculus and analysis

Assignments: The requirements associated with eventual home assignment will be cleared at time of announcement.

Compulsory readings:

  • Richard A Brealey - Stewart C Myers - Franklin Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 9 edition, 2008

Recommended readings:

Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:
Richard A Brealey - Stewart C Myers - Franklin Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 9 edition, 2008
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