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Subject data sheet

Thesis Seminar

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Code: 2BE52NDK10M
Name: Thesis Seminar
Number of hours per semester: 
Credits: 10
Language: Hungarian
Course type: 
Department: Befektetések és Vállalati Pénzügy Tanszék
A Course leader: Dr. Csóka Péter

Course description: The thesis seminar helps the students in preparing for individual work in the field of actuarial and financial mathematics. The topic of the thesis work might be either a theoretical or a practical question. It is also possible to individually and critically summarize a larger topic, not detailed in the regular curriculum of the MSc. Students are expected to analyse the topic chosen carefully and critically. Achieving own results is not necessary, but is highly appraised in the evaluation. Expected length is 40-60 pages.
The topic of the thesis work and the supervisor have to be approved by the Education Board.

Assessment, grading: Structural and formal requirements of the thesis work are regulated in the Faculty's documents. Special requirement: in case of the M.Sc. in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Program, both university's name and logo must appear in the cover page.

Evaluation of the thesis work is based on the following major criteria:
1. Is it a quantitative finance thesis work? Is the topic relevant and current?
2. Is it an analysing or a descriptive thesis work?
3. Does the student raise new ideas, if so, are they theoretical or feasible in practice?
4. Are there any questions relevant to the topic but not elaborated in the thesis?
5. Are there any mistakes, factual errors, debatable statements?
6. Does the candidate show sufficient familiarity with the literature on the subject of the thesis? Are the references correct and complete?
7. Structure, composition and style of the thesis.

Aims and objectives and description of the course: 

Time of class: 

Learning outcomes: 

Assignments: By the end of the semester, students are expected to prepare a summary of the planned thesis work (10-15 pages). The exact deadline is announced on Moodle in each year.

Compulsory readings:

Recommended readings:

  • Wimmer Ágnes, Juhász Péter, Jeney Johanna (2009): Hogyan írjunk...? 101 tanács (szak)dolgozatíróknak ; Alinea Kiadó
  • Umberto Eco (2005): Hogyan írjunk szakdolgozatot? Kairosz Kiadó, Budapest
  • Szabó Katalin (2002): Kommunikáció felsőfokon ; Kossuth Kiadó, Budapest
Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


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A "Tantárgyfelelős tanszék", a tantárgyfelelős neve a tantárgy oktatói és a kurzusinformációk automatikusan frissülnek a tanulmányi rendszerünk alapján.