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Subject data sheet

Environmental Economics

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Code: 2KG23NBK01B
Name: Environmental Economics
Number of hours per semester: 2+1
Credits: 4
Fall/Spring: fall
Language: hungarian
Prerequisites: -
Course type: obligatory/elective
Department: Gazdaságföldrajz, Geoökonómia és Fenntartható Fejlődés Intézet
A Course leader: Dr. Kerekes Sándor

Course description: This course intends to provide insight in the field of environmental economics by covering the backround and basic questions of sustainability in theory and practice.

Assessment, grading: The final test is based on the lectures + practicals + readings.

Aims and objectives and description of the course: 1. Sustainable development I.
2. Sustainable development II.
3. Alternative welfare indicators
4. Environmental issues regarding the atmosphere
5. Environmental issues regarding the hydrosphere
6. Environmental issues regarding soil and agrigulture
7. Waste management
8. Internalizing externalities: the Pigouvian tax
9. Coase-theory, informational asymmetry
10. Internalizing externalities with norms; efficiency of norm and tax
11. Pollution mitigation in case of more pollution sources.
12. Tradable pollution permits.
13. The economics of renewable resources
14. The economics of depleting resources

Time of class: see neptun

Learning outcomes: Students understand the major environmental-ecological processes. They can have a position on business and economic aspects of environmental issues. They are familiar with the different environmental regulatory tools.

Assignments: Optionally preparation for and participation in 1-1 environmental-themed debate.

Compulsory readings:

  • 1) Kerekes Sándor: A környezetgazdaságtan alapjai; Budapest, Aula, 2007
  • 2) Marjainé Szerényi Zsuzsanna-Bisztriczky József-Csutora Mária-Kocsis Tamás: Környezetgazdaságtan példatár; Budapest, Aula, 2010
  • 3) Further materials covered at lectures and practicals.

Recommended readings:

Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


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