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Subject data sheet

Intermediate Macroeconomics III.

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Code: 4MA23NAK36M
Name: Intermediate Macroeconomics III.
Number of hours per semester: 4
Credits: 6
Fall/Spring: Fall
Language: hungarian
Course type: 
Department: Makroökonómia Tanszék
A Course leader: Varga Gergely

Course description: The course deepens further the macroeconomic knowledge of the "economic analyst master" students. Along the course we build on the knowledge acquired on the courses Intermediate Macroeconomics 1. and 2. and we build on their basic level MATLAB programming skills. The course provides students with understanding a set of key open economy macroeconomic models and opens up current research possibilities for them. Acquiring the course material enables the students to study the international literature and answer relevant macronomic questions in the topic..

Assessment, grading: Two midterm exams in the semester (30-30% of the points), home works (10-10% of the points), presentation (20% of the points).
0-50% : fail (1)
51-61% : passelégséges (2)
62-72% : satisfactory (3)
73-83% : good (4)
84%-: excellent (5)

Aims and objectives and description of the course: About aims and objectives s the course description.
Week 1: Main concepts, Two-period model of the Open Economy
Week 2: Stylized facts, Open Endowement Economy
Week 3: An Open Economy with Capital
Week 4: The Open-Economy Real- Business-Cycle Model
Week 5: The Open-Economy Real- Business-Cycle Model: extensions
Week 6: Midterm exam
Week 7: Importabel Goods, Exportable Goods and the Terms of trade
Week 8: Nontradable Goods and the Real Exchange Rate
Week 9: Overlapping Generations Open Economy Model
Week 10: Money and Nominal Exchange Rate and Balance of Payment Crises
Week 11: International Finances and Souvereign Default
Week 12: Final exam
Week 13: Presentations

Time of class: Wednesday 9.50-11.20 Sóház A3
Wednesday 11.40-13.10 Sóház A3

Learning outcomes: See the course description

Assignments: See Assessment, grading

Compulsory readings:

  • S. Schmitt-Grohé - M. Uribe: Open Economy Macroeconomics. 2016.
  • Obstfeld, M., Rogoff, K.: Foundations of International Macroeconomics. 1996.
  • S. Schmitt-Grohé - M. Uribe - M. Woodford: International Macroeconomics 2016.
  • Lecture notes

Recommended readings:

Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


Varga Gergely

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Course codeTypeSemesterInstructors
VKVizsgakurzus2017/18/2Varga Gergely

A "Tantárgyfelelős tanszék", a tantárgyfelelős neve a tantárgy oktatói és a kurzusinformációk automatikusan frissülnek a tanulmányi rendszerünk alapján.