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Subject data sheet

Industrial Organization

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Code: 4MI25NAK38B
Name: Industrial Organization
Number of hours per semester: 2+2
Credits: 6
Fall/Spring: Fall
Language: English
Prerequisites: Microeconomics
Course type: 
Department: Mikroökonómia Tanszék
A Course leader: Bakó Barna

Course description: Industrial Organization studies the strategic interaction of firms in markets, yielding a body of research that is both intellectually challenging and directly relevant for business and policy. This course aims to cover this field. Topics include models of oligopoly, product differentiation, collusion, research and development, but also models of asymmetric information such as price discrimination.

Assessment, grading: There will be an exam at the end of the semester. The grading will be as follows: pass (2) from 50%, fair (3) from 60%, good (4) from 70%, very good (5) from 80%.

Aims and objectives and description of the course: Topics covered:
1. Introduction. Basic concepts in noncooperative game theory.
2. Monopoly: price discrimination I.
3. Monopoly: price discrimination II.
4. Monopoly: durable goods, two-sided markets.
5. Price competition with homogeneous products.
6. Price competition and differentiated products;
7. Cournot-competition and horizontal mergers. Stackelberg-conpetition.
8. Tacit collusion.
9. Limit pricing and entry deterrence.
10. Vertical mergers.
11. Vertical restraints.
12. Tying and bundling.

Time of class: According to Neptun

Learning outcomes: - thinking like an economist
- learning the fundamentals of price theory
- applying the theory to a wide range of problems
- ability to dicuss issues retaled to efficiency and welfare


Compulsory readings:

  • Pepall-Richards-Norman, Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Practice, South-Western College Pub, 2004.

Recommended readings:

  • Shy, Oz., Industrial Organization: Theory and Applications, Cambridge (USA): MIT Press, 1996.
Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


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