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Subject data sheet

Public Economics and Finance

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Name: Public Economics and Finance
Number of hours per semester: 14 + 14
Credits: 5
Fall/Spring: Fall
Language: English
Prerequisites: knowledge of basic microeconomics
Course type: mandatory (PUMA), optional for others
Department: Közgazdálkodás és Közpolitika Tanszék
A Course leader: Mike Károly

Course description: The course covers the basic (micro)economic tools of analyzing and assessing public policy actions. Starting from the perfect competition model we move towards the most important arguments for and against government interference in the free market. In the second half of the course we turn to topics about the most important tool of economic policy: the state budget.

Assessment, grading: 96-100 5 Excellent A+
91-95 5 Excellent A
87-90 5 Excellent A-
83-86 4 Good B+
79-82 4 Good B
75-78 4 Good B-
71-74 3 Satisfactory C+
67-70 3 Satisfactory C
63-66 3 Satisfactory C-
59-62 2 Pass D+
55-58 2 Pass D
51-54 2 Pass D-
0-50 1 Fail F
DNA Did not attend (no credit)
I Incomplete (no credit)
S Signed (no credit)
R Refused (no credit)

Aims and objectives and description of the course: After a short introduction we start with the most important general questions of economic policy: what activities should be performed by the state, what kinds of problems arise in a market economy as a result of government intervention or of the lack of it (weeks 3-7)? After analyzing the pros and cons of state interference, we continue with the most important topics about the state budget: the general structure and main fiscal statistics (week 10), the welfare policy and welfare spending as the largest part of the expenditure side (week 11), the general and specific theoretical questions of taxation (weeks 12-14).

Time of class: Tuesday 9.50 - 13.10

Learning outcomes: The students
- become familiar with the pros and cons of the economic activity of the state that helps them to assess actual public policy issues,
- are enabled to analyze economic policy options faced by governments.
The course provides important concepts and ideas needed for the deeper understanding of policy issues.

Assignments: Written mid-term exam on the 8th week, final exam in the exam period
10% class attendance and participation
30% mid-term exam
60% final exam

Compulsory readings:

  • Lecture notes
  • Textbook chapters and other readings to be announced on the classes and via the Internet

Recommended readings:

  • Articles and other readings to be announced on the classes and via the Internet
Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


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