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Subject data sheet

Digital Era Governance

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Name: Digital Era Governance
Number of hours per semester: 56
Credits: 6
Fall/Spring: Fall
Language: EN
Prerequisites: -
Course type: 
Department: Közgazdálkodás és Közpolitika Tanszék
A Course leader: Dr. Kádár Krisztián Sándor

Course description: Widespread use of the Internet has transformed the public management paradigm. The toolkit for public management reform has shifted away from a ‘new public management’ (NPM) approach stressing fragmentation, competition and incentivization and towards a ‘digital-era governance’ (DEG) one, focusing on reintegrating services, providing holistic services for citizens and implementing thoroughgoing digital changes in administration.

1. Introduction
2. DEG concept and theories
3. ICT policies and DEG initiatives in the EU
4. Building an information society
5. Digital infrastructure
6. Digital services: eGovernment I
7. Digital services: eGovernment II
8. Digital services: eJustice in practice
9. Digital servies: eHealth solutions and best practices
10. Digital services: eProcurement
11. Digital services and more: the concept of Smart Cities
12. Digital skills and competences
13. Digital economy
14. Summary

Assessment, grading: - 50% course work
- 25% individual presentation
- 25% writing assignment

Aims and objectives and description of the course: The course introduces how web science and organizational studies are converging swiftly in public management and public services, opening up an extensive agenda for future redesign of state organization and interventions. Apart from the theoretic frameworks students gain insight into the state-of-the-art solutions in the fields o digital-era governance.

Time of class: 

Learning outcomes: Students
- can identify and define basic concepts related to digital-era governance;
- have up-to-date knowledge on main trends of ICT in public administration;
- can understand the key elements of successful programmes and projects.

Assignments: Essay/case study

Compulsory readings:

  • Digital Era Governance: IT Corporations, the State, and e-Government - Patrick Dunleavy, Helen Margetts, Simon Bastow, and Jane Tinkler; 2011

Recommended readings:

Compulsory readings:
Recommended readings:


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