Research Centre of Information Resources Management

News and updates:

  • 11/17: Results of our SSC benchmarking survey are online now [download]
  • 11/17: Partnership with the Hungarian Oursourcing Association [read more]
  • 11/17: Gyorgy Drotos predented at the PUBSIC conference in Lillehammer
  • 09/17: Peter Moricz received Rector's Certificate of Honor
  • 04/17: Gyorgy Drotos presented two papers at the IRSPM Conference
  • 04/17: Gyorgy Drotos presented at the CEHEC Conference
  • 01/17: Robert Marciniak headlined an RPA conference in Krakkow [read more]

Dr. Drótos György, kutatóközpont-vezető

The Research Centre of Information Resources Management directed by associate professor Gyorgy Drotos, PhD works under the umbrella of the the Institute of Management at the Corvinus Business School (Corvinus University of Budapest), Hungary.

Our research activities cover three main research fields.

  • Information systems in organizations - information management in practice. Business intelligence, strategic information systems, knowledge management and IT. Managerial and non-managerial perspectives (panopticons, workarounds, organizational power and IT) of information systems.
  • Process management (and IT). Process oriented organizations and the IT as the key "catalysts" of business processes. Related research area: shared service centers in Hungary and in general.
  • Internet-enabled organizational networks. E-business models and digital strategy of brick-and-mortar companies. Virtual organizations and inter-organizational networks. Strategy and the digital disruption.

In all three areas our aim is to address topics novel to the literature. Our mission is to be the first in Hungary in answering IT-related questions (from a business/management perspective) of practicing managers. That said, in all the three above research fields we focus on the latest challenges like big data, the robotic process automation, or the sharing economy.

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Past updates:

  • 11/16: Péter Móricz presented his view on sharing economy business models at the Digital Welfare Forum [read more]
  • 09/16: Shared service center expert Dr. Robert Marciniak joined our research team [read more]
  • 07/16: The journal 'Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies' has published our award winner case study 'Returpack' [read more]
  • 06/16: Hungarian crowdsourcing advocates headlined our Future of Organization Lab at Brain Bar Budapest [read more]