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About the University

The Corvinus University of Budapest defines itself as a research university with an educational orientation, where the scientific performance of the instructors can be measured on an international scale and students can obtain diplomas comparable with the diplomas of universities with similar profiles, acknowledged and competitive on the job markets of the European Union and on a global scale. In order to achieve this goal the University has committed itself to pursuing internationalisation.

Each year the University receives about 1800 international students who would like to obtain a degree or gather credits for their studies at their home institution. The number of international staff is growing every year. Hungarian and foreign students study together in the same international classrooms, which provide an ideal meeting point for those coming from different cultures.

The University is located in the capital of Hungary, the heart of the scientific and cultural life of the country, which makes the institution even more attractive. The Campus is located on Pest side. The infrastructure of the University improved immensely in 2007 when large-scale investments were completed (such as a new educational building and the enlargement of educational facilities).

The Corvinus University of Budapest has three faculties: the Faculty of Business Administration (Corvinus Business School), the Faculty of Economics (Corvinus School of Economics) and the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations. The goal of the University is to maintain its leading position in Hungary and to enhance its international reputation.



Last modified: 2018.08.28.