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Farewell dinner

Hungarians are passionate about their soups, desserts and stuffed pancakes, with fierce rivalries between regional variations of the same dish, e.g. the fish soups cooked differently on the banks of Hungary's two main rivers: the Danube (Duna) and the Tisza. Several special ingredients are account for the distinctive flavor of Hungarian meals:

    • Hungarian paprika
    • lard
    • onion and garlic
    • sour cream
    • cottage cheese, walnut and poppy seed in sweet courses

The thousand-year past of Hungarian vine-growing and vine-making is founded upon ancient eastern traditions brought by the Magyars themselves. It is thanks to generations of wine-makers that such unique wines have been created as the Bull’s Blood of Eger and Szekszárd, and Tokaj’s aszú, hailed by connoisseurs and professionals alike as the king of wines and wine of kings.

Within the farewell dinner you will have the opportunity to taste some Hungarian food and wine at a traditional restaurant.






Photo source:,aktualis,vilagunk,113593


Last modified: 2018.08.28.