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First International Working Conference

FIRST International Working Conference on Competitiveness Research

March 8-9, 2012


The conference was the closing event of a two year research project supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Social Fund (TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KMR-2010-0005).

The conference programme you can reach here and the presentations you can see below.

Attila Chikan: Opening speech

Pirjo Stahle: Intangible capital and national competitiveness

Daniel Dujava, Martin Labaj, Silvia Oskova, Eva Pongraczova: How can we explain lower GDP per capita in the New Member States of EU?

Attila Chikan, Erzsébet Czako: Global competitiveness - a Hungarian perspective

Kalman Kalotay: Uninational firms, inward and outward foreign direct investment (FDI) and competitiveness

Akos Kengyel: The role of EU-level regional development transfers in improving competitiveness

Istvan Magas: Lessons from the financial crisis

Sandor Gyula Nagy: Transnationalisation of the enterprise sector in Hungary and Spain

Gabor Vigvari: Democracy and competitiveness – based on impossible trilemma by Dani Rodrik

Vladimir Dubrovskiy: Poor market institutions as the bottleneck for growth in Ukraine

Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores: Impact assessment of European Funds: Andalusia as study case

Karsten Staehr: International competitiveness, capital flows and economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe

Gyorgy Boda, Judit Adler, Antonia Huttl, Tamas Revesz, Miklos Stocker: Remaining on the periphery or closing up?

Laszlo Kallay: How can SMEs contribute to a more dynamic growth in Hungary?

Gerald Reiner: Competitive advantage through sustainable innovations (improvements) of production processes and logistics

Andrea Gelei: Development of logistics capabilities – beyond the critical point?

Jukka Hallikas: Towards world class purchasing and supply management

Andreja Jaklic: How efficient is promotion of competitiveness? Evaluating the case of Slovenia and politics of competitiveness

Mira Lenardic: Competitiveness Council of Croatia: a way for encouraging change

Attila Chikan, Erika Szabo: Institutional background of developing national competitiveness - international experiences

Tamas Dudas: The impact of FDI inflows on the national competitiveness of Slovakia

Rainhart Lang: In search of excellence? - values and leadership expectations of future managers

Gyula Bakacsi, Ede Lazar: Relations between societal culture/organizational culture variables of Romania and economic development indicators at regional level

Zsolt Roland Szabo: Corporate strategies in Hungary between 1992 and 2010

Ivan Belyacz: Global financial crisis: causes and consequences

Sasa Zikovic, Ivana Tomas Zikovic: Extreme risk measures for extreme times - is the extreme value theory the answer?

Peter Csoka: Fair allocation of risk for illiquid portfolios

Daniel Havran, Zsuzsa R. Huszár: What is the precautionary cash value globally?

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