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The project entitled „Developing Media Literacy in Public Education: Media Awareness – An International and Regional Priority in a Mediatised Age” is admittedly the first step and the founder of the education process which positions the competences of media literacy and media awareness to its rightful place in public education both according to methodological and didactic aspects. Besides the upper mentioned PR activities and promotion of international exchange of experience, this project also pays special attention to the fact that the reports made during the future international recommendations, the conference and workshops are to be entered into practical education. That is the reason why we are already planning the presentation of a working memory-test on the conference, as well as the formulation of the kind of didactic aspects which will be integrated into the daily media-pedagogical work. These teacher development activities can be the key to further joint work in the future.

Utolsó frissítés: 2018.11.30.