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Presentation slides


Plenary session

Anthony Thirlwall: Nicholas Kaldor's Insights into the Applied Economics of Growth and Development (or Why I Became a Kaldorian)

Frances Stewart: Sustainability and inequality – is there a conflict between the two?

Michael Landesmann: Nicholas Kaldor and European integration

Gábor Oblath: The ‘Kaldor-paradox’ – a reappraisal (Real exchange rate changes, export performance, currency misalignments and economic growth in the member states of the European Union)


Workshop 1 – ‘Kaldor’s legacy and economic policy’

Aladár Madarász: International monetary policy and the price level – Káldor’s Hungarian article on the Macmillan report in 1931

Péter Mihályi: Kaldor and Kornai on “economics without equilibrium” – Two life courses

Matteo Laruffa: The unresolved problems of the European fiscal rules and their political, social and economic impact

Andrew Watt: Current accounts, wages, demand – Achieving balanced growth and convergence in the euro area


Workshop 2 – ‘Productivity and growth’

Alberto Bagnai: The pre-Great Recession productivity slowdown – Neoclassical vs. post-Keynesian explanations

Leon Podkaminer: The slowdown in labor productivity growth is an effect of economic stagnation rather than its cause

Zoltán Pogátsa: Growth and productivity in Kaldor

Krisztina Sőreg: Persistent Growth Slowdowns in Fast-Growing Middle-Income Economies


Workshop 3 – ‘Incomes and distribution’

Per Andersson: Institutions and Left-wing Tax Strategy – Britain and Sweden Compared

Anita Pelle: The intra-EU migration challenge from a socio-economic perspective

Utolsó frissítés: 2018.11.30.

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