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Corvinus Financial Research Seminar

The Corvinus Financial Research Seminar series are held at the Corvinus University of Budapest and maintained by the Corvinus Financial Research Centre. The seminar has three goals:

A) Research Seminar

The lecturers give a detailed talk about the result of their research projects. The lecturers usually send their working paper to the community of the research centre and give a presentation. On-demand we provide a discussant for the paper. This event is open for external researchers as well.

B) Early Bird Research Talks

Nowadays, there many conferences where presenters can show and discuss their research at the early stage. This events work as a brainstorming and first feedback about the research questions. PhD students and colleagues with early stage research can use this opportunity to evolve their research project.

C) Faculty/Department Development Events

These talks are related to the practical questions of the research activities (for example novelties in impact factor calculations, database systems, etc.). Introduction of new books, textbooks (written by our colleagues) or open discussions about the possible research projects and applications are also welcome.

CUB Main building,
1093, Budapest
8 Fővám sqr
Room E.277.1

Organizer: Zsolt Bihary

Events - Autumn, 2018




19 November 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Gergely Hanczár (Cursor Insight Ltd.) 

Pattern recognition

26 November 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Edina Berlinger (CUB)

Models of double moral hazard

10 December 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Péter Kerényi (CUB)

Gig Economy: A Dynamic Principal-Agent Model

17 December 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Tímea Ölvendi (CUB)


Events - Spring, 2018




26 February 2018, 14:00-15:15, Library

Péter Csóka (CUB)

Publishing in Management Science

12 March 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Gábor Neszveda (CUB)

Prior Experiences and the Risk-Return Trade-off

19 March 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Katalin Csaba (CUB)

Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard in Hungary

16 April 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Jaime Luque (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

A Theory of Real Estate Development

23 April 2018,
14:00-15:15, E.277.1

Zsolt Lakatos (CUB)

More directors on corporate boards, higher market value?

Events - Autumn, 2017




18 Sept 2017,
14:00, E.277.1

Barbara Dömötör  and Zsolt Bihary (CUB)

How do manager incentives influence corporate hedging?

25 Sept 2017,
14:00, E.277.1

Győző Gyöngyösi  (CEU)

Financial Crisis, Creditor-Debtor Conflict and Political Extremism

9 Oct 2017, 14:00, E.277.1

Attila Víg (CUB)

 Portfolio allocation under threat of a crash with limited liability

20 Nov 2017, 14:00, E.277.1

Emília Durkó (CUB)

Multivariate causality between economic growth, electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emission and urbanisation in Hungary.

27 Nov 2017, 14:00, E.277.1

Péter Füleky  (Hawaii University)

Nowcasting, International risk sharing

Events - Spring, 2017




20 Feb 2017,
14:00, E.277.1

Ngoc Huy CHAU
(Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics)

Value of information and insider trading

13 March 2017,
14:00, C.107

Jonathan A. Batten (Monash University)

Stock and Energy Market Integration

20 March, 14:00, E.277.1

Gábor Neszveda (Tilburg University)

Aspiration Level Theory, Stock Returns, and the Volatility Puzzle

3 April,

Rafał Sieradzki (Cracow University)

IPO underpricing, theory and evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange

29 May, 2017

PhD Symposium

9 presenters

30 May, 2017

Tamás Vadász (University of Warwick)

Endogenous cash hoarding, runs, and liquidity requirements

5 June, 2017

Katalin Csaba (Corvinus)

Deposit insurance

Former presentations




14 Nov 2016

International PhD Students: Saysi Sayaseng, Harun Ercan, Ngo Thai Hung

Preparing for the Liquidity Conference II.

17 Oct 2016

First-year PhD Students:
Zoltán Pollák, Attila Vígh, Péter Kerényi, Zsolt Lakatos

Preparing for the Liquidity Conference I.

29 Sept 2016
14:00, C.105

P. Jean-Jacques Herings
(Maastricht University)

Approximate CAPM When Preferences Are CRRA

21 June, 2016,

Balázs Árpád Szűcs (Corvinus)

Forecasting intraday trading volume

16 June, 2016, 9:00

PhD Symposium


6 June, 2016, 14:00

Lilla Keresztúri (Corvinus)

Networks in Healthcare

11 April 2016,

Ferenc Horváth, Tilburg University (co-authors: Frank de Jong, Bas J.M. Werker)

Robust Pricing of Fixed Income Securities

21 March 2016, 13:40

Péter Szilágyi (CEU)

Creditor rights, claims enforcement, and bond performance in mergers and acquisitions

29 Feb 2016, 13:40

Ádám Banai (MNB)

Banks' behavior in Hungary before and during the crisis
(Banki viselkedés a válság előtt és a válságban)

15 Feb 2016

Anita Lovas (Corvinus)

Innovation-finance under information asymmetry
(Innováció-finanszírozás aszimmetrikus információs helyzetben)

9 Nov 2015

PhD Symposium

Dávid Rácz

Performance Measurement of
Active Funds

Sándor Misik

Implicit correlation on FX markets

Áron Antal

Incorporating supply chain level data
into working capital finance decisions by companies and banks

26 October 2015

Ercan Harun
Seysi Sayaseng

Introductory presentations of the PhD student from Turkey and Laos

1 June 2015

graduate QF students

'Solvency' master thesis workshop

18 May 2015

Balázs Márkus, Péter Csóka

Introducing the studies of Lasse Heje Pedersen (AFML keynote speaker)

4 April 2015

Milán Badics (CUB)

Nonlinear statistical method in price forecasting and other applications

24 November 2014

Barbara Dömötör (CUB)

Market Risk Hedging Under Liquidity Constraints

20 October 2014

Edina Berlinger (CUB, CERS-HAS,
Anita Lovas (CUB)

The Impact of State Subsidy on Project Financing Under Moral Hazard and Positive Externalities

13 October 2014

Péter Juhász (CUB)

Aspects of the Duality in the Hungarian Economy

15 April 2014

Ágnes Lublóy (CUB, AXA Scholarship), Lilla Kereszturi (CUB)

The determinants of prescribing innovation by specialists: Prescriber characteristics versus social contagion

24 March 2014

Péter Csóka (CUB, CERS-HAS), Tamás Vadász (CUB)

Systemic risk (Early Bird Talk)

10 March 2014

Dániel Kondor, Márton Pósfai, István Csabai, Gábor Vattay (ELTE)

Do the rich get richer? An empirical analysis of the BitCoin transaction network

17 February 2014

Imre Kondor (Parmenides Foundation)

Estimation errors of the Expected Shortfall risk measure

02 December 2013

Edina Berlinger (CUB)

Identification of systemically important financial institutions on the interbank market

18 November 2013

Dániel Havran (CUB, CERS-HAS)

An explanation of the OTC network structure

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