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B.A. in Finance and Accounting


Program director:

Dr. János Lukács
associate professor
Department of Financial Accounting

Completion period:

6 + 1 semesters

Required credits:

180 + 30

Majors to choose from:

Our department coordinates the Finance major.


The purpose of the program; competences to acquire

The aim of our B.A. program in Finance and Accounting is to train economic and business professionals, who have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and experiences and are able to develop and manage financial organizations of enterprises, financial institutions and government institutions; to supervise special accounting tasks; to develop the accounting policies and procedures of firms and other organizations; to acquit the organization’s obligation to report; to develop and supervise cost management systems; to analyze, evaluate and control the management of an organization; and who have the required knowledge to pursue an M.Sc.

After graduation, our students will possess comprehensive knowledge about the following topics:

  • the situation of the branches of the national economy and the main principles of their development
  • the goals of enterprises and the main principles of their operation
  • the financing, accounting and taxation subsystems of enterprises, the principles of financing a company, the direct and indirect forms of financing an enterprise
  • the theoretical bases of planning, organizing, managing and controlling financial and accounting processes; the techniques of valuation
  • the rules regulating the enterprises; the main financial conditions of enterprises’ adjustment to the market
  • the national and international rules of taxation and accountancy; the financial and accounting representation of a company’s operation
  • the accounting information system; the parts of the annual report, its underlying book-keeping processes; the methodology of analyzing processes; the methodological bases of supporting decisions
  • the structure of the banking system; the features of the various forms of financial institutions; the crediting procedure; the main principles of stock markets
  • the role and structure of the public finance system
  • the main differences between the principles of the operation of the private and the public sphere
  • the main principles of public budget management and financing the budget


History of the program

Establishing the program was not a “greenfield project”, but the reorganization of the existing and working structure. The history of our B.A. program in Finance and Accounting has two ways: one leads to the five-year-long Finance in M.Sc. program, and the other to the Major in Accounting of the similarly five-year-long M.Sc. in Business Administration.
The descent of the five-year-long M.Sc. in Finance can be traced from 1953. In this year the Department of Finance and a five-year-long M.Sc. in Finance was established. The development of this program accelerated in 1968. The university reform in the 1980s terminated all M.Sc. programs and established two new ones: M.Sc. in Economics and M.Sc. in Business. The former M.Sc. programs became majors of these two new programs. In 2002 the Budapest Unversity of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (the legal predecessor of Corvinus University of Budapest) started the five-year-long M.Sc. program in Finance anew.
Our department reckon the research activity as a precondition of successful education. As a result of this our department employs an adequate number of teachers with academic degree, and the number of our full-time Ph.D. students is above ten.
The other way in the history of our B.A. program in Finance and Accounting leads to the the Major in Accounting of the five-year-long M.Sc. program in Business Administration. The university carried out education reforms several times since its establishment that acted upon the structure of the programs, the majors and minors. The Accountancy education began in 1947: in this year the “Teacher B” five-year-long M.Sc. program (training teachers of Accountancy and Statistics) and the Accounting Major of the likewise five-year-long M.Sc. program in Finance were established. In the 1980s a large university education reform was carried out – as mentioned earlier – from which only two M.Sc. programs existed at our university. Within the framework of this reform the Accounting Major of the five-year-long M.Sc. program in Business Administration was established. In 2006 there was another large reform, within the scope of wich our present B.A. program in Finance and Accounting was established.

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