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Performance-based Doctoral Scholarship (BCE TVSZ 16/F. §) - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for students admitted for the 2017/2018 academic year

Call for Applications

for Performace-based Doctoral Scholarship addressed to students admitted for the 2017/2018 academic year



Within the framework of the co-operation between the Corvinus University of Budapest (hereinafter University) and the Pallas Athené Domus Educationis Foundation (hereinafter Foundation), CUB is calling for applications for the 2017/2018 academic year in accordance with the terms defined in Article 16/F of the Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits (hereinafter RSFB)  III.2 of CUB’s Rules on Organization and Operation (BCE SZMR) as follows:


1.)      The aim of the scholarship is to promote the creation of knowledge, to support multidisciplinary teaching and research programmes, to explore the scientific aspects of geopolitics, an important dimension of economic policy within their scope, as well as to stimulate the performance of students. In particular to support students in the fields of World Economics, Geopolitics and the related multidisciplinary studies

a)      studying primarily at the Geopolitical Subprogram of the International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School,

b)      studying at the International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School in case of a research subject connected to Geopolitics ,

ba)   studying in the World Economics subprogram or

bb)   in the International Relations and Security Studies subprogram, furthermore

c)      participating in the doctoral programmes of the University whose research topics can be linked to the other, regional and geopolitical themes

on the basis of their educational/research achievements in the form of a performance-based scholarship.

2.)    The Performance-based Doctoral Scholarship (hereinafter Scholarship) cannot be granted to more than 9 persons in the 2017/2018 academic year.

3.)    The support granted applies to the first, educational phase of the doctoral studies for a maximum of 4 semesters, for 5 months each semester (A new call will be published for the second, research phase of the doctoral studies).

4.)    Amount of the scholarship:

a)      in the first (autumn) semester of the 2017/2018 academic year HUF 200 000/month uniformly ,

b)      in the second (spring) semester of the 2017/2018 academic year scholarships will be differentiated

ba)   1st category HUF 150 000/month,

bb)   2nd category HUF 200 000/month,

bc)   3rd category HUF 250 000/month.

5.)      The scholarship with regard to the first (autumn) semester of the 2017/2018 academic year will be paid in one amount, the scholarship with regard to the second (spring) semester will be paid on a monthly basis.

6.)      Conditions of eligibility to apply for the scholarship:

a)      Applications for the scholarship may be submitted by students studying in full-time education, with an active student status who pursue their studies in the form of self-financing and who

aa)   are doctoral students of the doctoral schools as specified in 1.),

ab)   passed the entrance exam with an outstanding result,

ac)   gained admission and started their doctoral studies in the 2017/2018 academic year.

b)      Students are not eligible to submit an application if

ba) their tuition fee was paid by a third party against an invoice or

bb) if the student benefits from the scholarship of another institution.  

7.)    Conditions of the payment of the scholarship:

a)      Payment of the grant is subject to the conclusion of a scholarship agreement between the students who won the grant and the University.

b)      The scholarship may only be provided in active semesters..

c)      Each semester the applicant shall sign a declaration on what institutional scholarship or grant (e.g. conference participation, translation etc.) he or she benefited from through application in the current semester or will have benefitted from later in the preceding semesters.

8.)    Termination of eligibility:

a)      The student shall lose his or her eligibility to the scholarship and the scholarship cannot be provided further if:

aa)   the student’s student status is terminated or is suspended: from the month following the month of termination or suspension;

ab)   he or she is transferred to education with a scholarship: from the semester in question;

ac)   the fee was paid by a third party against an invoice: from the semester in question;

ad)   the student receives another institutional study grant: from the month in question;

ae)   the grant agreement between the University and the Foundation serving as basis of the scholarship is terminated due to any reason: from the month following thereof;

af)    the student has not attained 66% of the credit value as set out in the sample curriculum of the doctoral program defined for the previous semester: from the following semester

ag)   the student modifies his/her research plan and the latter can no longer be connected to the geopolitical or regional research field specified in the call (as justified in a declaration signed by the Head of the Doctoral School and submitted to the Vice-rector for Science): from the month following the modification;

ah)   the applicant does not sign the scholarship agreement or breaches the obligations undertaken therein, does not comply with the requirement of declaration: from the month following the breach of the agreement.


9.)      Applications should be submitted through the form “Performance-based Doctoral Scholarship Call for Applications 16/F 2017/2018” accessible under „Administration/Requests/Available request forms” in the NEPTUN study and registration system. The application period is 9–16 January 2018.

10.)   Deadline for submitting the applications: by 23:59 on 16 January 2018.

11.)   Failure to submit the application by the set deadline results in the applicant’s loss of right; late or incomplete applications shall not be considered by the Board of Trustees.

12.)   To apply, the following documents should be uploaded:

a)      research plan,

b)      if available, publication list, the publication(s) or its/their link as well as the  information on the student’s other professional activities (such as teaching, conference organization, participation in research projects) relevant to the given period .

The documents to be attached to the application shall be in scanned version and uploaded in PDF, PNG, JPG or JPEG file format, the individual size of which cannot exceed 500 KB.

The application cannot be saved until at least one document has been uploaded.

13.)   Evaluation of applications:

a)      Applications shall be evaluated by a Board of Trustees consisting of at least 4 members, which will take a decision on the granting of scholarships, on the basis of a preliminary opinion from the Geopolitical Advisory Board.

b)      The Board of Trustees will make its decision within 10 days of the submission deadline.

14.)  Differentiation within the amount of scholarship as of the 2nd (spring) semester of 2017/2018 and their grouping into the various categories in accordance with point 4.) b)  shall be done in accordance with the educational and research achievements as provided by the Doctoral Schools and as evaluated and decided upon by the Board of Trustees on the basis of the preliminary opinion/proposal of the Geopolitical Advisory Board. Each student will receive a notification of the category he/she has been allocated to in Neptun.

15.)  A Board of Trustees set up by the Foundation as an organization providing the external financial source and the CUB shall decide upon the granting of the scholarships, therefore there is no possibility for appeal.


Further information on application can be requested from Sebes Ferenc at the osztondij(kukac)uni-corvinus(pont)hu osztondij(kukac)uni-corvinus(pont)hue-e-mail address.



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